About David Perry

Welcome! I am David Perry, the founder of Mental Enginetics, LLC and the creator of the Power-Scripting personal development program. Power-Scripting teaches highly motivated individuals how to master the success habits of Super Achievers (SA’s) to accelerate to their goals and enhance their lives.

Following 20 years as a “struggling entrepreneur” I decided to commit myself to the intensive study of a diverse group of Super Achievers (the top 1% by industry) including: elite athletics, business tycoons, chess grand masters and superstar salesmen. Through my research I discovered three vital techniques, called “Performance Accelerators” that every SA employs every day.

Inspired by my findings, I systematically applied these techniques to my biggest and most allusive personal goals. Early in the process I didn’t see or feel any positive results. Nonetheless, like every Super Achiever that I studied, I stayed committed to this daily routine.

Over a time period of 6 to 36 months from when I began, all of my goals were achieved, including: The total transformation of my physical body; The dramatic improvement of my ADHD condition (without meds) that has hampered me throughout my life; The achievement of the #1 US national ranking in the sport of squash, and the establishment of a successful million-dollar business.

With the encouragement of several individuals who witnessed my transformations, I fully developed and optimized this daily routine and called it “Power-Scripting”. Power-Scripting can be applied to any goal category, including: physical body and health, career, financial, personal development and athletics. The program employs scientifically proven techniques and a process that is required for making transformational life changes. Over time, Power-Scripting trains you to think, act and succeed like a Super Achiever.

If you are a highly motivated person with a strong desire to unleash your potential, accelerate to your goals and achieve the highest heights of success, then I recommend that you watch the free Power-Scripting video presentation called: “Train your Brain for Epic Success”. Here, you will learn what the three “Performance Accelerators” are and how to apply them to your most important goals.

The Power-Scripting Training program and the Master Models program ($129.00 for both) will take you deeper into the Power-Scripting process. These programs will enhance the quality and the effectiveness of your Power-Scripting program.

Power-Scripting will keep you focused, motivated and accelerating to your goals. And the best part of it all is the process itself!

David Perry